Campania Trip: Reggia di Caserta (Garden)

As I was staying in Caserta (actually Marcianise, but that’s details) for about a week, it would be pretty dumb not to go see The Royal Palace of Caserta, since it was right there, and not too expensive to get in. In Italian it’s called Reggia and it is actually the largest royal residence in the world.

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Campania Trip: Benevento

For the spring break I went to the south of Italy to visit my friend Fabrizia, whom I met in China. I didn’t plan much, I just bought plane tickets and booked GoOpti to get me to the Trieste airport. So I was happy to just hang out and see a bit of the area. I arrived to Napoli airport and Fabrizia picked me up and took me to Caserta, where she lives. Continue reading “Campania Trip: Benevento”