School Life

When I came to Guangshan, I expected to be planning workshops, doing some urban gardening and having occasional events for underprivileged children. Well, for this kind of projects, things don’t always go as planned. (Look at me talking like I’m not doing this for the first time ever.) As it turns out, instead of doing all the above mentioned activities, I have been teaching. English. To kids. Who are really quite bad at English. And I don’t speak Chinese. You can imagine I wasn’t overly excited when I realized what they expected me to do.

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How I Came to China

Story time! Or rather, explanation time! Doesn’t sound quite as exciting though. For those who are reading this and don’t really know how I came to live in Henan for 5 months (and for those who may not know all the details), I want to outline the steps that lead me here. They’re not very complicated, but I thought it would be good to write them down.

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