Campania Trip: Reggia di Caserta (Garden)

As I was staying in Caserta (actually Marcianise, but that’s details) for about a week, it would be pretty dumb not to go see The Royal Palace of Caserta, since it was right there, and not too expensive to get in. In Italian it’s called Reggia and it is actually the largest royal residence in the world.

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Campania Trip: Benevento

For the spring break I went to the south of Italy to visit my friend Fabrizia, whom I met in China. I didn’t plan much, I just bought plane tickets and booked GoOpti to get me to the Trieste airport. So I was happy to just hang out and see a bit of the area. I arrived to Napoli airport and Fabrizia picked me up and took me to Caserta, where she lives. Continue reading “Campania Trip: Benevento”

Art and More Palaces – Beijing Day 4

Our last full day in Beijing started with something that I really wanted to do and that was to visit a place with a lot of contemporary art. Chen Guo suggested the 798 Art Zone in north-eastern part of Beijing. It is a large compound of all kind of buildings, but the main feel is sort of industrial, because there are a lot of warehouses and exposed piping.

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Palaces and Hutongs – Beijing Day 3

After visiting The Great Wall we apparently still had enough energy to say yes when our hosts invited us to come to a nightclub. The club was very western and very expensive (we were guests so they paid for us), but it was fun. The next few days I felt the lack of sleep, but there was a lot of interesting things left to see, so I tried not to dwell on it. I can rest in Guangshan.

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Evening in Beijing

The Friday before last (so, the 22nd), we went to Beijing for 5 days. It is a picturesque city, or at least the things we did there were, so I have a ton of photos. I decided to spread them out over a number of posts, because I think I quite like the format of using less content per post. Anyway, I can experiment with it.

We went to Beijing by fast train from Xinyang. The trip took around four hours – we arrived around 6 o’clock, just as the light was starting to diminish. They said the air was the best they’ve had all week, and honestly I couldn’t notice a difference compared to Guangshan.  The next morning my snot was a bit black, which meant that nonetheless it wasn’t quite the same. From the train station we were headed to the hotel for dinner. Beijing has seven (7!!!) road rings and our hotel was just out of the 5th ring. Between that and the immense amounts of traffic in the city, it took a while before we got there. I took the photo soon after we left the station, and by the time we sat down to eat it was dark outside.