The “ZOO”

Last week on Thursday we (volunteers) joined the two lowest grades of the kindergarten (3 and 4 year olds) on their trip to the ZOO. The parents came along, because there are a lot of kids and this just makes everything much easier.

It took about 5 school buses to get us all there. As I sat down in the back row like a real cool kid would, I realized what some features of one such bus are: little to no leg space, very dirty windows, seats dressed in true Chanel™ fabric. It transports little kids really well though, so all in all an adequate bus.

Kindergarten bus

No leg roomIt was a lovely day, especially following two rainy ones. During the ride I saw my favourite parts of the Guangshan countryside so far, with lots of lush green grass, trees and paddy fields (at least I think that what they are). Please pretend you don’t see the spots on the window.

Guangshan countrysideThe reason I put the word ZOO in quotes in the title is that is wasn’t really a ZOO. It was a big park, but the part with the animals was one warehouse and one field. The warehouse kept peacocks, the field ostriches. That’s it, no other animals, and in my dictionary this doesn’t exactly qualify as a ZOO. The kids enjoyed it so much though.

PeacockThe peacocks were behind some green netting which didn’t have very large holes, so this photo was the best that I managed. The park also had a little lake, which had a bunch of little paddle boats to rent. So we stuffed our big asses in one of them, of course.

Little Alice


DSC_0714eLast three pictures featuring Alice (Charlene’s daughter and member of kindergarten middle class 2), Alex (French volunteer also known as Alekeke), Sabina (my co-volunteer and fruit guru) and Charlene (our coordinator and kindergarten manager extraordinaire).

The featured image (that’s the one on top) describes the kids’ feelings, I think, and that is what I leave you with.

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