How I Came to China

Story time! Or rather, explanation time! Doesn’t sound quite as exciting though. For those who are reading this and don’t really know how I came to live in Henan for 5 months (and for those who may not know all the details), I want to outline the steps that lead me here. They’re not very complicated, but I thought it would be good to write them down.

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Botanical Garden in Guangshan

I have visited the botanical garden in Guangshan twice now. To be honest both times were about three weeks ago, but in the mean time we’ve been to Beijing and I haven’t managed to select and edit any photos, not to mention writing a post. Everything will be here eventually, no need to worry. I could never deprive you of this amazingness (it could be a word?).

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DaBie Shan View and a Lil’ Update

I didn’t feel like this photo fitted into yesterday’s post, but I still wanted to publish it, so here it is. View from DaBie Shan.

For the last week or so, I’ve been a little sick. No enough to prevent me from doing anything, but enough not to feel completely alright. Especially at night. Here’s to hoping posting this will help me get over it sooner?