Aim of This Blog

I’ve had some form of blog since I was around 13 years old. I switched from a proper website (or at least a subdomain) to Tumblr some years ago, but it quickly devolved – most of my posts were reblogs. There’s nothing wrong with that and I like having a place for an amalgamation of things I enjoy (fandom, art and an occasional one line rant), but I have wanted to start writing my own longer posts again pretty much since I stopped.

The problem was that I felt like I had nothing interesting to write about or even if I did, I didn’t know how to structure it. What prompted me to finally get off my ass and get this up and running? I am going to live in China for five months. (More about this in future posts.) That should provide some interesting material and I can hopefully continue from there. I am also trying to improve my photography and I feel like having a place to publish my photos is an additional incentive. This is why my sidebar says (photo)blog.

At first I tried being very meticulous about setting this up and I planned and planned and didn’t do anything. So in the end I just bought a domain with my name (that will probably always be useful), a hosting for a year and installed WordPress on it. I quite like the default theme, so I will leave it like this for a while and focus on the content. I am fully embracing the “just start” concept of doing things.

The aim of this blog is basically learning things and having some record of the process. And if a few people enjoy reading and/or looking at it, that’s just a nice bonus!

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